Yeovil Town named and shamed

The latest list from the Department of  showing those companies that have been fined for abuse of the minimum wage rules included just one business from Somerset. That business was Yeovil Town.  The football club were found to have underpaid two employees a total of £174 between October 2013 and November 2015. That is obviously embarrassing, no organisation should be paying staff below the minimum wage but in the absence of detailed figures it appears the club has underpaid the 2 employees less than £1 a week.

It is worth, for the sake of context, mentioning that Wagamama the restaurant chain was found to have underpaid 2,630 staff a total of £133,200.

Even so this will be embarrassing, that is the point of naming and shaming and the Club will no doubt be anxious that next time their name is in lights it will be for something more sporting.

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