Yeovil Refresh contractor collapses

Midas, the contractor tasked with leading the Yeovil Refresh project, has collapsed into administration. This is not the same as liquidation and attempts will be made to save the business as a going concern. Yeovil Refresh was a flagship project for South Somerset District Council (SSDC). The contractor was working on the Westminster Street area of the town as part of Yeovil Refresh. The Leveller understands that all work on the project, in the centre of Yeovil, has now stopped.

When the Westminster Street project was launched in September SSDC explained: The public realm enhancement work will change the areas that people move or congregate around and will make areas more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses. There are a total of six areas of the town centre which will see changes including Westminster Street, The Borough, upper Middle Street( including Wine Street), Middle Street (East), Middle Street (West) and The Triangle.”

In response to questions from The Leveller today, and SSDC spokesperson told us “We are aware of the reports and we will be proactively working with Midas to prioritise site and related public safety in Westminster Street. Work has currently ceased on site, so we will update local businesses and residents when we have more information on when work will recommence. We will then be taking all practicable steps to ensure that vital work to regenerate Yeovil town centre public realm can continue and we will ensure we communicate the actions we are taking to businesses, residents and other key stakeholders as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, inevitably it’s all a bit messy. These photos courtesy of the excellent Len Copland say it all….


  1. nemesisnemesia Reply

    Did anyone at SSDC do any due diligence on this company before giving it the contract? The worsening financial position and the extension of the accounting period to 18 months should have provoked some questions! Let’s hope someone picks up the pieces and the work carries on – or will it end up like the car park at Court Ashe in Yeovil where railings and blocked parking spaces have been left for years?

  2. David Walker Reply

    Will the Administrators be able to take over management of the business, using the assets of equipment, materials, labour and contracts to generate income?

    1. Andrew Lee Reply

      Not exactly. They can take over the company and run it, but only for the purposes of keeping it as a going concern until such time as they find a buyer, are able to sell the assets, or in the absence of either, put it into liquidation

  3. Philip James Reply

    Maybe the whole management of SSDC needs looking at. Thinking of the fiasco of the appointment of a previous CEO and the recent case.

    1. nemesisnemesia Reply

      Who can forget the 2011 fiasco and payoffs of Philip Dolan, £569,000 after voluntarily leaving his post as Chief Executive of SSDC after just 6 years, Corporate Director Mark Pollock who earned £52,000 for seven months’ work, plus £112,000 for loss of office, and £164,000 for his pension fund and David Stapleton paid £56,000 for 8 months’ work, plus £121,000 for loss of office and £131,000 for pension contributions. See the Horsington Blog’s details at and the Daily Telegraph at .

      The trouble is that people keep electing the LibDems and the rest of us get what they vote for.

  4. Paul Sellers Reply

    The councillors who signed off on the regeneration contract obviously failed to check that the contractor could deliver – not for the first time, i fear.
    This is very bad news for Yeovil. Councillors need to get this work back on tarck as a very high priority. Yeovil should not be left looking like an abandoned building site for a moment longer than is absolutely neccessary.

    1. nemesisnemesia Reply

      I fear that Yeovil has been irretrievably damaged by SSDC’s planners and developers over the past 30 years and some cosmetic work is not going to fix it. Hideous concrete buildings have replaced what were once places full of character and the empty shops show that there is no quick fix. High rents and council tax drive out small businesses which could make a difference. It is a pity that SSDC’s councillors spent so much money on energy storage instead of focussing what could be done for the people of Yeovil.

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