What’s happening at Firepool

Somerset West & Taunton council is holding an information event on the
Firepool masterplan. Proposals for the regeneration of Firepool were approved by the Council back in June. The idea being to deliver the site in blocks for specific uses. So as each is decided so plans can take shape and be turned into reality.
You can find out more at the  Council Offices, Deane House, Taunton, on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November will.

The public will have a chance to to view the progress to date and make comments.
Conceptual drawings and information will be on display with supporting material
 A brief history of the site and previous work
 Site context taking into account factors such as flood levels, transport, and
 Details of the block by block approach to developing the site, including
potential uses
 The timeline for proposals
SWT staff will be on hand to talk people through the plans and answer any questions. They will also be encouraging people to provide feedback in writing.

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  1. Steve Keniston Reply

    Not taking in the need of the public. A chance to build a great venue……supported by how many people from across the country to see the likes of Rod Stewart and Tom Jones. The evidence is there. A cinema… housing and retail will not bring people to Taunton.
    The chance is the last one….the best one… need to take it.

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