Wellsprings to get extra protection

Taunton Deane Borough Council is taking action to deter unauthorised encampments on open space land at Wellsprings this spring. The area has seen five illegal encampments in the last two years. A petition was presented by local residents at the October meeting of TDBC.

Finally the council has responded. The timing of the announcement is interesting. It comes 6 months after the peition, but only 8 weeks before the District Council elections.

TDBC has come up with a landscaping scheme to stop vehicles gaining access to two stretches of open space near the Kingston Stream.

The work will include the creation of several landscaped bunds (2ft high banks of land) around the perimeter of open access areas in Enmore Road and Wellsprings Road. Strategically placed bollards which can be dropped down to allow access for maintenance vehicles will also be put in.

The scheme, along with other minor preventative work on key sites, will cost in the region of £15,000 and should be completed by Easter.

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