We say……please vote

As a newspaper, we never make recommendations at election time. Not even when our own editor is standing! However today is an important day. The right to vote has been hard won in this country, especially so if you are a woman. Many other countries and movements cherish and envy in equal measure what we have here.

So what we say on behalf of our papers is PLEASE VOTE!

Whatever your political preference, please use your right to vote and make your voice heard. In Somerton and Frome we have a range of good candidates to choose from in no particular order:

Mark Blackburn LibDem

Mark Blackburn

Davdi Warburton: Conservative

David Warburton (2)

Sean Dromgoole: Labour

Sean Dromgoole 2

Theo Simon: Green

Theo Simon 2

Richard Hadwin: Independent

Richard Hadwin

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