Warburton wins, Labour push hard

Conservative David Warburton 36,231 4.00%
Liberal Democrat Mark Blackburn 13,325 1.60%
Labour Sean Dromgoole 10,998 10.00%
Green Party Theo Simon 2,047 -5.80%
Independent Richard Hadwin 991

Without a UKIP candidate, Alan Dimmik came third last time with 6,000 votes, this was all about who would come second. David Warburton already had one of the largest majorities in the country and despite a rough campaign his majority increased to just shy of 23,000. Labour though will be most pleased having virtually doubled their votes from 2015 and really pushed the LibDems all the way to the finishing line. The Greens have been squeezed badly, last time their 5,000 votes raised a lot of eyebrows but this will be a disappointment for them.

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