Warburton statement on “Partygate”

Somerton & Frome MP David Warburton released a statement this morning on the behaviour at No 10. In particular the allegations of partying and multiple breaches of lockdown rules. Mr Warburton’s statement is reproduced in full below. In essence he is taking the view of wait until the Sue Gray report and then decide. Sue Gray is the senior civil servant tasked with investigating what happened at No 10 and who knew what. She is believed to have interviewed the prime Minister as part of her work.

Mr Warburton does acknowledge that the perception of government and the reputation of government needs to be significantly upgraded.

He says “In April 2020, during the first UK lockdown, my father died almost entirely alone. Days later just three of us were allowed to attend what passed for his funeral – a short burial with no one allowed inside the church.  This was exactly a week before the first reported Downing Street party. 

So, it’s an understatement to say that I understand the distress caused by the revelations of activity inside No.10. And my personal experience is far from unique. People across the country, and many of my constituents, can tell similar stories. 

I, like many, am extremely disappointed to hear of these events which took place, and I know that, irrespective of Sue Gray’s report, many across the country have made up their mind on this. Now, I want to gain a full understanding of the detail of these events and how they were allowed to happen which hopefully Sue Gray’s report will establish.  

However, I understand that this will not be enough for many. More needs to be done to improve the culture within Government, as well as people’s perception of that culture. And that is going to be a difficult mountain to climb. “


  1. Meeting Man Reply

    Surely by now Mr Warburton you know that no government holds an enquiry unless it can control and manipulate the result. Self always investigates self in your world. We just get used to the usual pack of lies.It has been going on for so long I don’t know how you change it.So when a politician speaks these days I just turn off.

    1. Keith Field Reply

      Why do we need an enquiry Mr Warburton? Mr Johnson has acknowledged he was at the event. Mr Raab acknowledged today it was a party. Mr Johnson has already said he was at the party for 25 minutes. Looks like a party, quacks like a party, it was a party. The culture is appalling.

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