Union says “not just Brexit”

Letter to the Editor

This election must focus on education, not just Brexit

Although we know that the upcoming General Election is motivated more by the European agenda than the domestic one, a Brexit-only campaign would be a disaster for schools and young people.

Campaigns focussed (sic) entirely on Brexit will ignore some of the most pressing issues that schools and colleges face. Budgets are still at breaking point and we still lack a sufficient supply of well-qualified teachers.

Whatever the challenges or opportunities of Brexit, we can be certain that investing in the next generation will be the best way to guarantee our future success.

Parties chasing the votes of school leaders, families and young people must put education at the heart of their campaigns.

Paul Whiteman; General secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT

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  1. Gwen Cantwell Reply

    This is a typical of teachers and their associations. Teachers should be educating children about the EU and not trying to brainwash them. Far too many teachers are left leaning and not neutral. Perhaps if the country were not throwing billions at the EU, more money will be available for schools and education.

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