Turn Hill by-election

More interesting times at South Somerset District Council, where Conservative, Shane Pledger has suddenly resigned as the District Councillor for Turn Hill only a year and a half since the elections in 2015. Given the somewhat tight position of what is, technically at least, a hung council, this will most likely be a keenly fought contest.

Today the council has 30 LibDems, 26 Conservatives and 4 Independents, and so there is no absolute majority. It is therefore of some importance that the Conservatives hold onto Turn Hill if they are to deny the LibDems a majority, and a return to full control.

Turn Hill is an odd ward, not least I’m pretty sure that 75% of the constituents would struggle to tell you where Turn Hill is. It comprises most of the parishes of High Ham, Long Sutton Pitney and Aller. ¬†Prior to be held by Shane Pledger for the Conservatives it was won by Rupert Cox who stood as an Independent.

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