Turmoil at South Somerset District Council

Two changes within a week have started to tip the balance of power at South Somerset District Council. Just a month ago the hung council was led by a minority LibDem administration with 29 councillors, the Conservatives formed an opposition with  28 and Independents 3.

Following the move by Somerton (more precisely Wessex Ward) councillor Dean Ruddle to the Independent camp and the shock news today that Chard Combe councillor Amanda Broom has defected to the LibDems, the LibDem hand at the council is much improved.

Rik Pallister now leads the largest party with 30 councillors, the Conservatives have 26 and Independents 4. Just one councillor shy of an outright majority but in a much stronger position to govern.

There will be more on this in our May papers.

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