Travellers at Langport Car Park

On Monday 9th May a group of travellers moved their cars and caravans onto the long stay section of the Langport Car Park at Whatley.

Please bear in mind that losing half of the main car park will really hurt the traders in the town centre who rely on the car park for a steady flow of visitors and shoppers.  Bear in mind that there are car parks at Tesco, Ridgeway Hall and on Westover. If you can use these car parks and continue to support the traders in town they will appreciate it.

In the meantime the process for evicting the traders has started, but this is always a matter of procedure wand will take at least a couple of days. However the Town Council would like to remind residents that the Car Park is owned by South Somerset District Council and so the Town Council is not liable for any costs involved with the eviction or clearing up of any rubbish left behind.

Late on Monday SSDC were informed of the situation and the process of eviction was started. This morning, Tuesday 10th May notice was served. Notice provides the travellers with 48 hours to leave Whatley Car Park. Failure to do so, will result in a warrant being obtained from the courts (this is normally granted within 24 hours). If and when a warrant is obtained then the bailiffs will be sent in to move the travellers on.

In the meantime the pressure on the short stay car park is bound to be a lot heavier than usual. Bearing this in mind, Langport Town Council have reached an agreement with SSDC that there will be no enforcement of the short stay car parks while the long stay car park is unavailable.

Please contact SSDC on 01935 462462 if you have any further concerns or questions.


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