Town and Parishes

The other councils we have covered today have published parish and town candidates at the same time as the District Council candidates but not South Somerset.

South Somerset have now published the list of candidates for parish and town elections. I’m afraid inevitably quite a few will be uncontested as there are fewer candidates than places.

Langport Town Council will have to go for co-option this year after only eight candidates came forward for election. The candidates who will all be duly elected are:

Benoit Buchy-Dury

Alan Donald

Janie Dromgoole

Caroline Dunn

Nicola French

Stephen Glas

Ian McNab

Val Saunders

Over in Huish Episcopi it is a very different story. There are a total of 11 candidates fighting for the 8 non warded seats and two candidates contesting the warded seat of Wearne and Combe. So elections all round in Huish! It seems odd that where Langport has struggled to attract councillors, Huish next door is inundated with candidates.

In Somerton there will be an election too after 16 candidates put themselves forward for the 15 seats on the council. Again good news and some sign that there is life and interest in a local council that is taking on a lot of new work that was formerly done by either District or County Councils.

You can see the full list of candidates for parishes and towns here: Town & parish Candidates

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