Sticks and stones

It seems odd that this election has brought out a silliness, sometimes a nastiness that was totally absent just two years ago in 2015. We have had hustings and press releases and all the usual paraphernalia, but now a group of mindless idiots have taken to defacing the posters, (and in some cases simply removing them) of the candidates they don’t agree with. In Muchelney and Martock many of the posters have been stolen or defaced. Along the A39 they have been left in place but every single one has been defaced.

It is the stupidest, most mindless form of agitation. It trivialises an important debate and reduces complex issues that we must all decide on, to one word sloganizing of the worst sort.

It is rather sad to see this in our own county.

It is also a criminal offence. The police have become involved as evidence of some of the defacing has been caught on CCTV and in a couple of instances, number plates were recorded and reported by people who witnessed signs being taken.

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