Stayin Alive

There has not been a lot of good news this year. The announcement this morning that road deaths in Somerset have fallen is at least one thing to be cheerful about. The figures announced today are for 2017, there is always a time delay. But according to Department for Transport (DfT) figures, there were 22 deaths recorded on the county’s roads in 2017. That is a drop of 12% when compared with last year. It was also the lowest level for five years. Percentagewise, nationally death levels were flat and in the

The figures for 2018 are currently being monitored and up to the end of June 2018, being the latest available,  there were 14 fatalities, 76 serious and 499 slight injury casualties recorded.

Given that Somerset plays host to both the A303 and M5, notoriously riddled with accidents each year, the numbers are something to be happy about, although of course any road casualty is a cause for regret and a reminder that we can always take more care on the roads.

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