SSDC set to hike parking charges

South Somerset District Council is apparently about to increase parking charges on the car parks it owns right across the district.

We understand full details will emerge in the next 24 hours.

The council claim that charges for parking have been frozen since 2012. Despite this we understand that they intend to keep the rise in parking charges to around the inflation rate.

However if that is the inflation rate for the last 7 years these could be very substantial increases to parking charges.

It is worth remembering that although some towns do own their own car parks (notably Langport and some car parks in Somerton) many are run by SSDC.

We’ll report more details as soon as they are released.


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  1. Pitney Claret Reply

    Although I work in Westlands, I never go shopping in Yeovil centre because I don’t want to pay the £1.40 (?) on the off chance I find what I want. Therefore I buy all my stuff online. Why don’t SSDC do what they do in Andover and offer free parking after 4PM? That way you still get the parking charges from the workers, but also encourage the shoppers.

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