South Somerset councillor resigns

The LibDem councillor for Parrett Ward has resigned. In fact according to the note on the South Somerset website, Tony Vaughan resigned on 30th January.

Mr Vaughan replaced long serving councillor and former Leader of SSDC, Ric Pallister in the 2019 local elections.

This has been a safe seat for the LibDems for a long time. Mr Vaughan won the vote in 2019 with 65% of the votes. It will be a disappointment for the ruling administration that he has resigned after just under a year.

The formal notice of the vacancy has been posted by Returning Officer (and Chief Executive) Alex Parmley. The notice states that an election will be held if 2 electors ask in writing for an election. The only problem is, the Returning Officer didn’t mention the date by which they need to request an election.

I suggest Parrett Ward residents wanting an election should get their notices in pronto! If you want that election please write to:

Alex Parmley
Returning Officer
South Somerset District Council
Council Offices, Brympton Way
Yeovil BA20 2HT


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  1. Phil Flowers Reply

    So its 2 for District and 10 for Town Council, It really is time that the Local election system was overhauled, updated even, get into the 21st century. One thing is for sure at Local level Co-option should be abolished or used only once in an electoral period.

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