South Somerset Candidates

South Somerset District Council have also announced their list of nominated candidates for the District Council elections. Here we have relatively few Labour candidates and in Burrow Hill, Camelot, Chard Combe, Hamdon, Windwhistle, Parrett, and Milborne Port wards it will be a two horse race only with one LibDem and one Conservative candidate.

In South Somerset there are also a number of UKIP candidates, Greens and Independents. The full list of candidates can be found here: south somerset candidates

Of interest are the number of candidates not standing in their usual places. For instance Somertonians David Harrison and Kate Pettemerides are standing for the Curry, Huish and Langport Ward.

And something is definitely odd in Turn Hill where former Conservative Ward Member, Gerard Tucker is standing as an Independent against County Councillor David Hall who is now standing as the Consersative candidate but at County Council represents Bawdrip!

Meanwhile the former Turn Hill Ward Member, Shane Pledger who stood down causing the by-election through which Gerard Tucker was elected, has now reappeared as one of two Conservative candidates for Wessex (Somerton to you and me). And former Conservative Ward member for Wessex Dean Ruddle is now standing in the elections as an Independent.

It is certainly tricky keeping up!

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  1. David J Harrison Reply

    Candidates willing to stand for District Council are not evenly scattered so that they can all stand in the areas in which they live. Some of us have a real knowledge of a wider area . I am standing for the Liberal Democrats in Curry Rivel Huish and Langport. Its nothing new. In 2011 recent Conservative Chair David Norris , a Wincantonian was elected in Wessex Ward ( Somerton)

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