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Apologies to all our readers in Somerton and also readers of the Somerset Leveller. We contract out the printing of our papers and have done so since our launch 5 years ago. Usually this is a trouble free process but this month the printer made a series of significant errors on both the Somerset Leveller and Somerton Sentinel. As a result we are getting both reprinted and Somerton readers in particular will get their paper, on current estimates, 2 days late. It will still be available at all the usual outlets but most likely from Tuesday 17th. We have always made punctuality a core value for our papers, something that has helped to differentiate us from other local monthly magazines and newspapers. We are gutted that it has gone wrong this time and can only apologise to all our readers.

Some copies of the Somerset Leveller were distributed before we were aware of the errors. For those of you struggling to make sense of the editorial page and an events page with a couple of events that have already happened, once again we offer our humble apologies and below are the correct pages for you to download and read. We will be getting corrected versions printed and distributed over the next couple of days:

Editorial and letters page

Pages 49-50 pre press_layout_ Nov

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