Somerton & Frome

Count results from Somerton and Frome see David Warburton with another strong majority and a vote almost identical to that in 2017.

Meanwhile Labour fell back from 2017 but still had a vote of over 8,000 which in previous elections would have been regarded as outstanding. Meanwhile the LibDems had a considerable bounceback under Adam Boyden recovering some of the ground lost in 2017:

Somerton & Frome result

David Warburton (Cons) 36,230

Adam Boyden (LD) 17,017

Sean Dromgoole (Lab) 8.354

Andrea Dexter (Green) 3,295

David Warburton says “Thanks to my fellow candidates. It has been a friendly and pleasant contest over the past few weeks. I will endeavour now to live up to the pledges I’ve given to the people here.”


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