Somerton Car Park Consultation

Somerton Town Council have announced that they will be undertaking a Consultation about the current and future Parking requirements for Somerton. The consultation will be held at the Parish Rooms, Somerton, on Tuesday 23rd September from 10am to 4pm and again from 6pm to 7pm.

The event will feature a number of information boards  and visual displays, with Town Councillors and the new Town Clerk Terry Philpott in attendance to answer any questions and receive feedback.

Discussions with South Somerset District Council South Somerset District Council have  highlighted the view that there is a need for 55 car parking spaces in Somerton Town Centre. With developments afoot such as the planned regeneration of shops in West Street , and the possibility of 400 – 500 new houses planned combined with the potentially a new school in Somerton  in the very near future, the Town Councils view is that there must be adequate car parking to preserve the centre of the Town and its ongoing  economic vitality.

The review will also consider the future use of the Old Doctors Surgery which is currently vacant and future requirements for street furniture, cycle parking and disabled parking.

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