Somerset West & Taunton the best?

Climate Emergency UK is a not-for-profit cooperative. They have been working with councils and residents since 2019 to share best practice about the climate and ecological emergency. As part of that work they have assessed all the councils of the UK on their climate action plans.

They used 28 questions to assess all the Climate Action Plans published online by UK councils. Nor is it woolly stuff. The action plans are tied down to the sort of hard nosed things you’d expect from a business focussed approach. The criteria include: 

  • are the climate actions costed;
  • are the actions assigned to specific teams;
  • do the actions have a clear goal; 
  • are local residents being engaged with climate action;
  • does the Plan include strategies to decarbonise waste, planning and homes and other topics; and
  • does the Plan cover areas such as re-skilling the workforce, climate education, governance and funding for climate action. 

There were quite a wide variety of scores across the chunk of Somerset we report on. But impressively Somerset West & Taunton came top. Not just in Somerset. With a rating of 92% they were ranked top of all the councils in the UK. So this is a subjective thing. But we get plenty of report saying our councils are below par! Its always good to see one where one of our councils is a shining paragon.

The other councils of Somerset ranged between 57% for South Somerset and 71% for Mendip.


  1. nemesisnemesia Reply

    As usual, South Somerset comes bottom. Perhaps someone will do a table of which councils have the worst write downs on investments per capita of council tax payer – SSDC would probably come top in that.

  2. Issa Reply

    I found interesting to look at their company records on the Government website; the list of officers of the company (and their role/profession), their accounts and the timespan of their trading history.

      1. Jeremy Poynton Reply

        Clicked Submit. Was a response to this “climate crisis” nonsense, with many links as to why. Can’t be bothered to write it all again, but here’s the initial link.,

        And this climate history of the Holocene backs it all up (planet has been cooling for 7k years)(

        And various links from NASA confirming the models are rubbish.

        Gavin Schmidt (just left as head of NASA GISS) – “models run too hot”

        and of course, models of an chaotic, open-ended, non-linear “system” are by definition impossible (yet we base policy on them)

        and it’s long been know that they cannot model clouds, formation, movement, reflective or not?

        People need to try thinking for themselves.

  3. Jeremy Poynton Reply

    Further – more and more scientists say – It’s the sun, stoopid….

    And did you know? Paper from 2004…

    “The Sun is more active now than over the last 8000 years
    An international team of scientists has reconstructed the Sun’s activity over the last 11 millennia and forecasts decreased activity within a few decades

    OCTOBER 28, 2004
    The activity of the Sun over the last 11,400 years, i.e., back to the end of the last ice age on Earth, has now for the first time been reconstructed quantitatively by an international group of researchers led by Sami K. Solanki from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany). The scientists have analyzed the radioactive isotopes in trees that lived thousands of years ago. As the scientists from Germany, Finland, and Switzerland report in the current issue of the science journal “Nature” from October 28, one needs to go back over 8,000 years in order to find a time when the Sun was, on average, as active as in the last 60 years. Based on a statistical study of earlier periods of increased solar activity, the researchers predict that the current level of high solar activity will probably continue only for a few more decades.”

    Not CO2. Indeed, anyone who cares to examine the geological history of the planet, rather than the last two decades of the last century, will see there is NO correlation between CO2 levels (now nearly as low as they have ever been – and at 250ppm plant life stops) and global temperature.

    Again. Do your own research. All you need to know is out there, and hundreds of peer-reviewed papers saying CO2 is not the “problem” are linked to from (column on right hand side);

    sample – papers on solar activity can be read here…

    Take your time. There’s a lot of them. And not ONE will ever be referenced in main stream media.

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