Somerset Votes Leave

Only Mendip of all the districts of Somerset voted to remain within the EU in last night’s referendum. It was particularly interesting that those areas of our county with most at risk from leaving, Sedgemoor (where the EdF nuclear power station is now unlikely to go ahead) and South Somerset (where both Westland’s Italian owners and ABP’s Irish owners will be looking anxiously over the shoulders at the implications) voted heavily in favour of leaving.

So if nothing else, we can say we are at least in step with our nation as a whole. The full results for Somerset are as below:


Turnout: 77.0%

Remain: 33427

Leave: 32028



Turnout: 76.3%

Remain: 26545

Leave: 41869 


South Somerset

Turnout: 78.7%

Remain: 42527

Leave: 56940


Taunton Deane

Turnout: 78.2%

Remain: 30944

Leave: 34789


West Somerset

Turnout: 79.2%

Remain: 8566

Leave: 13168

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