Somerset sets its face against saving money?

Over the past 6 months we have campaigned constantly against devolution and have challenged Somerset County Council on their proposals. The main thrust of our argument has been:

1)      the council refused to reduce the number of councils and councillors by becoming a unitary authority (like Cornwall and Wiltshire),

2)      we would now end up paying more by adding a fourth level of local government ( a joint Devon and Somerset devolved authority)

We are still waiting for written responses to some of the questions we have asked SCC. But as our own campaign gathers pace, Somerset residents may be interested in the latest news from our neighbours in Dorset. We are told that following an eight-week public consultation residents “overwhelmingly” supported plans to merge the county’s nine councils into two.

The merger plan comes after it was revealed the authorities had to make £200m of savings by 2019, and cutting the number of councils in the area is expected to save around £108m over six years.

Enough said? Somerset County Council still argue today that becoming a unitary authority will not save money. They appear to be in a minority of one.

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