Somerset LibDems take the fight to North Shropshire

A team of Liberal Democrats from Somerset travelled all the way to North Shropshire last week. They were there to play their part in taking on the Conservatives in last week’s by-election. Organised by South Somerset District Councillor, Oliver Patrick the team made the 7-hour round-trip twice. One of the Somerset contingent that made the journey was County Councillor Bill Revans, Leader of the Lib Dem Group at Somerset County Council. 

The activists joined the bid to support Liberal Democrat candidate Helen Morgan (now MP). Ms Morgan was standing in the by-election following the resignation of Conservative MP Owen Paterson. Mr Paterson is known to many in these parts for being Environment Secretary during the 2012-14 flooding crisis.

Oliver Patrick, the trip’s organiser, added: “North Shropshire is very similar to the Yeovil constituency where I live. A Lib Dem victory in a rural seat like North Shropshire is a warning sign to Conservative MPs in rural seats.”

The full result of the by-election was as follows:

  1. Helen Morgan (LD) 17,957
  2. Neil Shastri-Hurst (Cons) 12,032
  3. Ben Wood (Lab) 3,686
  4. Duncan Kerr (Green) 1,738
  5. Kirsty Walmsley (Reform) 1,427
  6. Andrea Allen (UKIP) 378
  7. Martin Daubney (Reclaim) 375
  8. Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 118
  9. Suzie Akers Smith (Ind) 95
  10. James Elliot (Heritage) 79
  11. Boris Been-Bunged (Rejoin) 58
  12. Earl Jesse (FA) 57
  13. Russell Dean (PartyParty) 19
  14. Yolande Kenward (ND) 3


  1. Nick Reply

    Roll on the next General election when this seat will return to the Conservatives, the Lib/dems are merely a token protest vote in mid term by-elections, remember Brecon and Radnor and Peterborough both by-election protests overturned as soon as the vote mattered. Judging by the corruption in the Lib/dem controlled District Council in South Somerset they are quickening up their own demise. Ironically all those 7 hour journeys are testament to the Lib/dems tokenism when it comes to green matters.

    1. Oliver Patrick Reply

      Actually we were very conscious of the environmental impact of driving separately – so we all chipped in and hired a minibus from a local, independent minibus hire company. Better for the environment, and good for a local business. Win, win… and win!

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