Somerset labour welcome new leader

Mendip Memorials MarchThe news that the Labour Party has elected a new leader was greeted positively by the party in Somerset. Keir Starmer, a barrister and former Director of Puvblic Prosecutions has been an MP since 2015. He polled over 56% of the vote. Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner was elected deputy leader, replacing Tom Watson.

Speaking to The LevellerĀ® Leigh Redman, Labour councillor for Bridgwater and Leader of the County Council Labour Group commented “I watched with excitement the announcement of our new party leader, I am pleased the election is over, in these times of national uncertainty we need a leader to hold Boris to account, I truly believe that in Keir Starmer we have that leader, a true diplomat and analyst, ably supported by the amazing Angela Rayner.

I know that now is a time for all sides and groups in my party to unite behind Keir and Angela, we need to formulate a plan that will see us capitalise on Johnson’s people bashing policies, when we come out of this emergency things will be different, building from the roots of our party just as Jeremy has started we must go forward together.

I am proud to be a local Councillor representing my community, Keir was clear that he will give both, members and Councillors more of a say in how our party is run. I hope that as our new leader Keir will be given the support he deserves and look forward to working with him in any way I can.

One of Sir Keir’s first acts on being elected leader was to speak to the Prime Minister.The two men have agreed to meet in the next few days to discuss the COVID-19 crisis.

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