Slow Progress

Earlier this year Langport was successful in bidding for £179,000 of EU money. The money to be spent upgrading the riverbanks of the River Parrett. Further grant funding topped up the project to £200,000.

The Town bought the embankment between the River and the town, known locally as Cocklemoor from the Environment Agency a couple of years ago. So the plans which included pontoons, a new upgraded walkway along the river to Black Bridge, canoe steps and leisure facilities on Cocklemoor were due to get under way this spring.

Since when there has not been much evidence of anything happening. But with a first deadline of 31st July (the funding requires a series of interim targets to be met) nearing there has been a rush of activity.

The EA continue to object to plans for the walk way along the river bank. And separate plans to repair the slipway at Black Bridge have been delayed due to the Autumn. Yes whatever the weather may look like to you, apparently the water levels are too high!

So what has happened. A lot of yellow tape has appeared along Cocklemoor and that was put in place before the 31st July deadline. This marks the place where the pontoons and canoe steps will go.

Some things have been done though. Solar lighting is installed at Black Bridge and Westover footbridge, together with a table tennis table and ‘trim trail’ on Cocklemoor.  The trim trail is outdoor fitness equipment mainly designed with young people and adults in mind.  The new table tennis table has been likened to a work of sculpture and requests put in to have more!

But from now the pace will have to quicken. The funding is dependent on the project being completed by April 2020.

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  1. Gordon McKerrow Reply

    I think you’ll find a whole lot is being done, it is just that the results aren’t yet due to be installed on site.

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