Sine mora – the Hanging Chapel – part 3

One of the main criticisms raised by the public meeting in Langport on Tuesday 29th August to discuss the fate of the Hanging Chapel, was that the Town Council had failed to publish the minute of the “in Camera” item on the Town Trust agenda to discuss the future of the Hanging Chapel. It was during this agenda item that Val Saunders and Caroline Dunn allege (sorry to use the term but we have to until the minute is published) that the discussion of the future of the Hanging Chapel included not just a renewal of the lease but sale of the Hanging Chapel. And without knowing the content of those discussions it is difficult for those who were not there to form an unbiased conclusion.

The suggestion has been that the Town Council has been unreasonably secretive about what happened. That is let’s face it the issue over which 4 councillors (so far) have tended their resignations.

In the light of the resignation of Janet Seaton and three other councillors who assert that the minute had to be confidential, there is absolutely no impediment to that minute being published.

Cara Naden, the acting chair of the council until a new one is formally appointed, Caroline Dunn, Ian McNab and Val Saunders all indicated at the public meeting on the 29th August that they were willing to sign a motion to have the agenda item revisited and publicised. As the four of them now have a majority on the council (there are seven councillors remaining after the resignations this week) there is no justification for the minute being withheld.

It is true that Janet Seaton suggested it would be illegal to do this. But she has resigned over the issue.

So as the old saying goes – Publish and be damned!

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