Shocking state of broadband revealed

Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS)  has launched a public consultation on plans to improve broadband coverage in Somerset. This is in advance of undertaking a fresh procurement process to find contractors to provide superfast broadband.

CDS has established the area where new broadband infrastructure is needed but it is obligated to avoid areas where commercial investment is planned. This is because public investment in broadband can only take place in areas where there is no broadband infrastructure and where none is planned in the next three years.

The full details of the documentation behind the consultation can be found here: CDS data 

Please do take a look and in particular at the map which shows the so called “White areas” where there is no superfast broadband (defined as 30mbps) either in existence or planned. Geographically it represents most of the county.

Comments on these proposals are now invited.

Consultation responses need to be submitted by Tuesday 10 December to or in writing to OMR consultation, Economy Team, AB2 Lucombe House, County Hall, Exeter, EX2 4QD.


  1. Marc Reply

    Broadband in the Somerset area is horrendous. It is especially bad if you don’t live in a town. Our home is just a mile outside Langport, but we still only get a 1mb service, despite Langport being a FTTC enabled exchange. Broadband improvement schemes are being used to make towns faster, rather than actually improving rural sites (if you consider 1 mile out of Langport truly rural). Instead we are forced to pay extortionate amounts of money for 4g services that have massive data and service limitations. Many aspects of modern life almost expect a decent internet service. Children doing GSCE’s are expected to have good access to the internet. Road tax, insurance, even registering to vote has a preference to being done online. Super fast broadband? I think most of us in rural locations would be happy with just fast broadband.

    1. Richard Harbord Reply

      We use 4G, but have a “3” SIM which is £20.00 a month (6 month contract) or £24.00 a month (1 month contract) and is unlimited data. I believe EE are now advertising an unlimited data SIM, but it is more expensive. We have had a few outages, but 3 say they are improving connection in our area this month. We get 30 – 60 mbps download. This is cheaper than fibre via Gigaclear

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