Shipment of PPE to Somerset

An emergency supply of vital personal protective equipment (PPE) from Central Government has been received by the Avon and Somerset Local Resilience Forum today. The forum covers five local authority areas including Somerset, Bristol City, BA&NES, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

Not before time. We understand that Musgrove staff have been buying masks from local hardware stores. However the bulk of this delivery is for those working in adult social care where supplies have been even harder to come by.

The distribution of the equipment between the local authority areas has not been announced nor has the split between the various types of PPE. However a spokesperson did confirm that more than one million pieces of PPE had been delivered. Also that this includes face masks, gloves, aprons, clinical waste bags and cleaning supplies.

The PPE will be distributed for staff in social care, care homes and domiciliary care providers across the area. However it is important to note that any surplus will be offered in mutual aid arrangements to primary care providers.

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