Public Meeting at Huntworth

A public meeting has been called for tomorrow, Wednesday, 12th February, which it is intended, will be the launch pad for a series of weekly flood surgeries, where residents can get up to date information from the EA, Sedgemoor District Council, the Police and Somerset County Council.

This first meeting will be held at 6.00pm at the Canalside Centre at Huntworth.

At the meeting, there will be an explanation as how the huge additional pumps and building of an earth bank at Huntworth will help to manage the flow of water.  Obviously, much depends on the amount of rainfall and present water levels and ground conditions.  There are very technical and complex engineering solutions and these will be explained to the audience. Because of the landscape of the area and the way in which the millions of tonnes of water can behave; it can seem that solutions are counter-productive.

Sedgemoor District Council tells us that information is being given out to communities on a regular basis by either door-knocking, community update sheets, social media, organisation websites and briefings. However they believe that these surgeries will be a chance for households to ask specific questions relating to their circumstances.  Comments and ideas for improving the flow of information will be welcome.

The aim of the first meetings is to explain what has been done by the various organisations working to protect us and future plans to try and lessen the effects of flooding.

The meeting will run for approximately 2 hours. There will be a Q and A session. There will then be a “surgery meeting” on Thursday, February 13th at 1400 hrs at the Canalside, so that residents can talk to agencies about their individual queries.

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