Protest group comes to Taunton

Extinction Rebellion is to launch a protest in the centre of Taunton, tomorrow, 12th October. In an act designed to support the International Rebellion, the group will lead a funeral procession through the centre of Taunton.

The procession will start at 12:00 in the High Street, Taunton. Those participating will be in full mourning regalia and the procession will include pall-bearers and a coffin. It follows a similar protest held earlier in the year in Glastonbury which drew large crowds and gained a fair amount of media coverage.

The funeral procession has three main aims:

  • To highlight the continuing climate crisis and the destruction of our ecosystems. The coffin represents all species forever lost to Mother Earth and all those species that remain under threat.
  • To show solidarity with our friends, colleagues and family members protesting in London.
  • To engage with the people of Taunton on the subject of the Climate Crisis.

After the procession, mourners will read a series of eulogies to Mother Earth, during which members of the procession will bring forward items representing those species lost or threatened.

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