Prodigal Swan Returns?

Much excitement in Wells this morning. No it is not the release of another Hot Fuzz movie, but the possible return of the prodigal swan.

Staff at the Bishop’s Palace (which recently hosted Garner’s Question time)f spotted the swan early this morning. Although no-one is certain they believe it is Wynn, the Palace Swan who was last seen on 18th October 2018.  Wynn was the recipient of a lot of media attention last year when she was left widowed by the death of her life-partner Brynn whilst she was nesting. She promptly left the moat with her remining four cygnets.

Everyone thought she had probably flown off to the Somerset Levels where graing swans are a common sight. It would have been an ideal place to raise her young but as they will now have started living independent adult lives, she has returned to her former home.

Wynn seemed happy to be back on the moat, happily feeding from Visitor Operations Team member Jane Lawrence’s hand this morning! Palace Staff are hopeful that Wynn will choose to return to her picturesque home full time but are also holding out hope that she might entice a new partner to share her home and breed some more cygnets.

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