Pow survives cull

Taunton MP Rebecca Pow has survived the new Prime Minister’s night of the long knives.

Pow was promoted to Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in May (and in fact by May) this year. Earlier today Boris Johnson completed his rearrangement of junior ministers.

Whilst ministers of the calibre of Harriett Baldwin, Stephen Hammond and George Hollingbery were ditched, Rebecca Pow has been left in place in the same role as before.

Based on announcements to date there are no ministerial posts for other Somerset MPs in the class of 2015, Marcus Fysh, David Warburton or James Heappey.

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  1. Rav Droid Reply

    Pow is assiduous in being loyal to whoever is in power.

    If any Minister wants to answer a planted question then Pow is ready and willing.

    She has been a loyal Remainer under Cameron then an avid supporter of May’s deal and is now a determined Do or Die Leaver under Boris.

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