Pow increases vote in Taunton

Conservative Rebecca Pow 33,333 4.8
Liberal Democrat Gideon Amos 17,446 6.3
Labour Martin Jevon 9,689 6.1
UKIP Alan Dimmick 1,434 -9.7
Green Party Clive Martin 1,151 -2.7

The three largest parties all increased their vote share in Taunton Deane courtesy of the collapse of the UKIP vote in one of just two Somerset seats to field a UKIP candidate. The main beneficiary was Rebecca Pow whose majority over a strong LibDem challenger has actually increased. Bare in mind that as recently as 2010 this was a LibDem seat. Aside from the collapse of the UKIP vote the other noteworthy item is the demise in the Green vote in another seat where they might have hoped to do better this time.

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