Pow claims £450m

Taunton MP, Rebecca Pow claimed yesterday that £450m has been set aside in funding for Musgrove Hospital. No-one can deny the hospital would benefit from the money and an upgrade.

The actual announcement of new hospital funding made by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary seems to contain numbers that are rather different from those quoted by Ms Pow. Is there a magic money tree next to the ginkgo tree at the front of the hospital?

The announcement is of £2.7bn of funding to upgrade 6 hospitals. Whilst the list does not include Musgrove, it does include Whipps Cross, Epsom and St Helier, West Herts, Princess Alexandria, University Hospital Leicester and Leeds Teaching Hospital.

The Health Secretary also announced a list of 21 hospital trusts which would share in £100m of seed funding. Musgrove Hospital is included in that list. The money would only be provided after 2025 and is intended to start building programmes in the hope of attracting fun ding from other sources.

However nowhere in the Health Secretary’s numbers is there any suggestion of a figure of £450m. Where this figure came from is as of now a mystery. But we are happy to invite the MP for Taunton to provide us with further detail.

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