Poll of the polls

Mendip District Council is asking residents for their opinion of the polling stations across Mendip. Having just had exhaustive elections for the District Council, hopefully the polling day experience is fresh in everybody’s mind.

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At least in the mind of the 38.8% who bothered to vote.

This is not a nice to do, under the Electoral Administration Act 2006, every five years each local authority must complete a review of its polling districts and polling places.

The idea is to ensure:

  • all polling districts and places have suitable facilities for voting.
  • buildings used as polling places are located as conveniently as possible for the majority of electors
  • that they are accessible to everyone, particularly anyone with a disability.

The consultation runs until Wednesday 16th July 2019 and people are being urged to share their views. Once the exercise had been completed then Mendip will publish all correspondence sent and received, details of the results of the review including any issues raised and any changes which have been approved, giving the reasons for its decisions.

Voting paper

So now it is over to you.


If you have any comments or concerns about a polling station, please submit them to

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