Police warn drivers

Avon and Somerset Police have launched a week-long campaign to target irresponsible and dangerous drivers on our roads. The speed enforcement week is part of a European wide coordinated TISPOL speed enforcement campaign which is being supported by police forces across the county.

The campaign started yesterday, the 16th April and runs until 22nd April and will see our regular speed enforcement patrols intensified, with units strategically positioned in locations where speeding is a known concern. The police are advising motorists to be especially mindful of their speed throughout the force area (and beyond) to avoid penalties.

Superintendent Andy Williams, Head of Road Safety at Avon and Somerset Police told us “Speed is a leading cause in road collisions and is an avoidable cause of fatality in many incidents. Everyone using our roads, including pedestrians and cyclists, has the right to feel safe and return home without harm.”

Mobile speed enforcement units will be operating across the force area on over 500 mobile sites, with a particular focus on roads near schools and the regions’ most significant ‘A’ roads.

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