Police launch swans investigation

Avon and Somerset Police have launched an appeal for information following the death of a number of swans at Muchelney. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police told Leveller Live “We were made aware that up to nine dead swans had been found in a field by the side of the river in the Muchelney area, near to Langport on Friday afternoon (16th November).

They have confirmed to us that the swans were reported as shot and “…it is possible they were shot the previous evening (Thursday 15th November) between 6-8pm.

The shooting of swans is still illegal because they are a protected species. Up until the law was tidied up in 1998, under royal prerogative established by 1186 and possibly a lot earlier, as the swan was the property of the monarch, killing them was a treasonous offence. I’m sure some people wish it still was especially when confronted with wholly gratuitous killing of wildlife on this scale.

In the meantime police enquiries into the incident are continuing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police quoting reference 5218256956

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