Police join forces with Community SpeedWatch

Avon & Somerset Police are launching a week-long campaign to target irresponsible and dangerous drivers on our roads.

Launching today, Monday 6 August and running until Sunday 12 August, the campaign will see speed enforcement officers teaming up with local Community SpeedWatch groups. Together they will strategically place themselves in known speeding areas across the county.

The intention is to provide a double edged approach to reducing speeding especially on rural roads. While traffic officers focus on enforcement, Community SpeedWatch focusses on educating drivers about the importance of keeping to speed limits. The SpeedWatch scheme consists of local volunteers, who give up a small amount of time each week to monitor vehicle speeds, using specialist speed detection equipment to assist them. Vehicles observed speeding above a set threshold will be sent a warning letter, along with advice to help change their driving behaviour.

Enforcement action cannot be taken unless a police officer is present at the time of the offence, however for the next week, police officers will be present. You have been warned.

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens told us “Road safety is the most common issue local people raise with me.  Bad driving including speeding, using a mobile phone and drink and drug driving, is dangerous and can have devastating consequences.  Everyone wants to feel safe on and near our roads and to ensure this there needs to be a mix of enforcement and education and Community SpeedWatch is a great example of this.

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