Police alert over telephone scam

Avon & Somerset Police are warning about another phone scam targeting the elderly and vulnerable. Nothing unusual there. This time though, they’ve got a recording of the perpetrator.

The recording was taken after a number of victims across Somerset were targeted.

Mostly elderly, they were contacted at home through their landline. The fraudster(s?) persuaded them to withdraw cash after being told their bank details have been used to make purchases in London.

The scammers have then collected the money, claiming it is needed as “evidence”.

This incidents have taken place in Bath, Bridgwater, Chard, Clevedon and Taunton.

Officers are working with local banks to raise awareness and enquiries continue.

The recording

In February one of the victims was contacted over the phone by a man claiming to be a police officer from London. He persuaded the victim that they’d been given fake bank notes which the fraudsters would collect.

The bogus police officer told the victim not to anyone about the case, claiming it could “compromise the investigation”. Luckily the the victim did tell their family and that allowed them to take a recording of a further call from the conman. The audio has been edited to protect the identity of the victim

When he realised that the victim was onto the scam he became abusive before hanging up.

Officers are also issuing a CCTV image from London of a man they would like to identify.

Telephone fraud CCTV to go with audio 1

Anyone who gets this sort of call should hang up immediately and allow 10 minutes for the line to clear before trying to make another call.

There’s lots of information about fraudsters and scams at If you think you have been defrauded you can report it by calling 0300 123 2050 or online via

If you have any information which could help the police investigation, please get in touch through, or by calling 101, quoting reference 5219043957.

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