Please don’t abuse the system

Somerset schools have only been shut for 24 hours and already we have reports of parents trying to abuse the system.

For clarity. Schools are staying open only to provide childcare for key workers. Those are workers in a very limited defined set of roles. Those roles are itemised here

Please be reasonable, considerate and proportionate and note:

It is not (ever) acceptable for parents to be aggressive towards school staff.

The purpose of keeping schools open is to provide childcare. It is not to provide continuing full time education to children.

Parents working from home should not expect schools to provide childcare unless they are likely to be called in under emergency conditions.

Schools are reliant on letters from employers to determine if children are  eligible to stay at school. A number of instances have been reported where employers have provided letters of support to parents who are clearly not in the categories identified by government as key workers. Employers have a duty to act responsibly too.

Schools are having to operate a booking system so they can know in advance how many staff need to come in. If people start block booking and then children do not turn up, the school will have unnecessary staff on hand. This is not an inconvenience. The whole purpose of this exercise is to minimise movements to restrict the spread of the disease. Every unnecessary movement of people defeats that objective.

Remember at all times the purpose of these restrictions is to minimise social contact. Please do not jeopardise this by trying to get around the rules for your own personal advantage.

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