Panels where they should be

We have long since raged about the proliferation of solar farms on prime agricultural land whilst our roofs remain untouched. So congratulations to Langport Town Trust and the local Transition Group led by Cara Naden. Last summer Ms Naden who is also vice chair of Langport Town Council suggested applying to the Marks & Spencer Community Energy Fund for a grant to pay for solar panels for the Riddgway Hall. Under the scheme local not for profit organisations were encouraged to apply for up to £40,000 of grant funding before 29th July 2015.

Fast forward to February 2016 and two lines of solar panels now adorn the Ridgway Hall providing electricity to the Hall. And the real bonus was they managed to install them just ahead of the cuts to the feed-in tariff. So any surplus energy will be made available to the grid.

The scheme should pay for itself within a 7 year period and any surplus profits along the way can be used to pay for improvements to the Hall.

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