Over 6,000 for Christmas

We’re pleased to be able to announce that having checked and rechecked our November returns, the circulation of the Langport Leveller and Somerton Sentinel has gone above 6,000 for the first time ever. With a six fold increase in circulation over 4 years we’re pretty sure this makes us the fastest growing newspaper in the West of England and one of only two newspapers in Somerset to show regular growth for the last 4 years (the other is the Nailsea, Clevedon and Portishead Times by the way).

This is of course as much because of our loyal and growing readership as much as anything that we are doing ourselves. We’d really like to say a big THANK YOU to all our readers for their support and interest in what we have been doing over the last 4 years.

We have also had a lot of willing support and encouragement from within the community and without. I’d like to thank our Advisory Board of Anthony Gibson, Janet Seaton and Paul Bell and our in-house photographer Paul Lines too.

Then of course our team of distributors who have braved the elements during 2014, many thanks to Joe, Ian, Cameron, Rachel, Lily, Nicky, Jacob, Sam and Linda.

And finally our advertisers who have supported us financially and enabled us to bring the paper to you. We can only bring our journalism to you because of their support and we’d be grateful if you would show support for them in the New Year by using their shops and services.

The  same is true in a different way for the many shops, pubs and post offices that act as outlets for our papers. Part of our ethos as a small business is to help and support the cause of other small businesses, businesses that offer something unique and a change from the bland homogeneity of the many high street multiples. Would you mind when you go and pick up your copy, supporting them by buying something whilst you were visiting? Many of these are small businesses that need your support to survive and a relatively small spend by customers and visitors can make a big difference.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a successful and Happy New Year and look forward to writing for you again in our 15th January edition.

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