Outcry as Wessex Water try to close Langport main road for 3 days

Wessex Water have proposed closing the road through Langport for 3 days from 9th September. It is unclear why the works they are proposing necessitate closing a well-used A road for 3 full days. The stupidity of the decision beggars belief. Mainly because the work will be carried out less than a month after the whole of Bow Street in the centre of Langport has been completely resurfaced.  And unlike the resurfacing work which is currently being carried out, this is not work that will only be done in the evenings. Wessex Water propose to close the road completely for 3 full days.

No-one in Langport, either at the Town Hall or the Business Group had been given any prior notification of the work before two yellow signs appeared on the road announcing the closure on Tuesday morning.

Both the Langport Town Clerk, Robin Williams and Derek Yeoman, Somerset County Councillor, are on the case trying to ensure common sense prevails.

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