NHS Responders

Somerset County Council is promoting the NHS responders initiative.

We should stress up front that this is not designed to replace local self help groups who are doing great work around our communities. However across the UK the NHS is looking to recruit around 250,000 people.

They are looking to get help to up to 1.5 million vulnerable and elderly people who are self isolating because of the virus. The idea is to create a database of healthy people who can run errands and support those who are otherwise cut off.

That help could be with:

Delivering medicines

Driving patients to appointments

Bringing patients back from hospital

Making regular phone calls to check on people at home

The group, NHS Volunteer Responders will support the NHS in its work without diverting resources from the core business of providing care to those who need it.

If you are healthy and would like to sign up you can do so at:

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