NHS pilot

In September’s Langport Leveller we have an extensive report on how the NHS in Somerset is looking to use your medical data for a new database. It could be a powerful tool that will help plan for everything from future medical needs and determine drug development and hospital building building programmes. It is also controversial as many people have reservations about allowing their medical record to be used. NHS England has put many new safeguards in place, in an attempt to ensure the system can neither be abused, not the data sold on to private companies.

See the Langport Leveller for the full details of the scheme.

In the meantime people need to know if they will be in the scheme or not. We have been given a list of all the surgeries taking part in the pilot scheme in Somerset. It is most of them but the full list is here…

Somerset care-data pilot GP surgeries - 20-8-15 (1)

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