New Gateway Signs for Huish Episcopi

This week the new gateway signs for the parish of Huish Episcopi went up and rather splendid they look too. The photo below does not really do them justice, but it was a very grey day!

And here it is:

New Huish Signs

New Huish Signs

Meanwhile an interesting question remains. Where is that 100m or so stretch of road that lies between the sign that welcomes you into Huish Eopiscopi by Shires Garage and the sign that announces your arrival into Langport just before the railway bridge?

If the map on the Huish Episcopi website is to be believed, this whole are of “no mans land” is in fact part of Huish.

But then it also suggests that the sign welcoming you into Langport should be just before the builders merchant. Even more odd, as the whole of Newtown is in fact part of Huish, the gateway sign that now sits splendidly by Shires garage is not actually at the point of the gateway to the parish at all, but quite a long way towards the middle of it.

Still at least the signs look good. If you want to see for yourself you can find a copy of the Huish Episcopi map here

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