Muchelney Road Closure

A number of residents of Muchelney and Thorney have been muttering about the road closure, which has now been extended, to allow drainage pipes to be laid. Rumours abound of a drain that was laid only for it to turn out to be the wrong size, pulled up and a new pipe laid. We put this to Somerset County Council Highways Department who categorically deny it.

Anyway residents may be interested in this statement from SCC which does at least have some good news in it – the end is in sight!

A Somerset County Council spokesperson told the Langport Leveller that “The current road closure at Thorney has been extended to allow additional pipework to be installed on the road. We apologise for the disruption, but this work means our existing drainage systems on private land can now been abandoned, making it easier for us to access them for maintenance if needed in future. We expect this work to be completed next week.

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