MPs off the hook

A statement released by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today gives the all clear to the 30+ Conservative MPs who have been investigated by the Police for over spending against the amounts permitted during the 2015 election campaign. Allegations were made that the MPs which included Marcus Fysh for Yeovil and James Heappey for Wells, has under-declared their expenses by confusing central office costs for promoting the Conservative party in general, with those that belonged specifically to their constituency campaign.

Today’s statement from the CPS which we have included in full below, notes that whilst mistakes may have been made, either the candidate or agent would have to have known they were wrong and in knowing that, dishonestly signed their return of expenses. The CPS concluded that it was not in the public interest to prosecute anyone with an offence.

CPS statement re MPs expenses

In a statement released earlier Marcus Fysh told us “We knew all along I had done nothing wrong, so I welcome this news. I hope now the attempted smears by my opposition will stop. It is sad that they have nothing else to offer.

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