MP speaks out against bank closure

Today Somerton and Frome MP spoke out against the closure of the branch of the NatWest bank in Langport. In an exclusive interview with the Leveller David Warburton told us: “I’ve been in touch with NatWest and will certainly keep trying to get them to overturn this decision.  The branch is set to close in October and I hope that this gives us enough time to make some progress.  While they tell me that more than half of the bank’s customers now use their online services and only just under 17 per cent of customers use the local branch’s facilities, this doesn’t chime with the experiences of those who use the branch and often find queues going out the door.  I’m wondering whether they’re only counting customers whose accounts are registers at this branch.”

It certainly does not seem to chime with the experience of customers in the Langport area. And the bank’s suggestion that we all use mobile aps for our banking, or the internet is going to amuse (in a bad way) a lot of local people too. I can only assume that no-one in Nat West has tried to get a phone signal round these parts or is unfamiliar with the availability/reliability of our broadband serrvice.

In the meantime Mr Warburton tells us “I’ll keep battling – this is also a particularly important and historical bank of course, and part of Langport’s historical legacy to all of us.  Many local people, including the Langport Area Business Group, have been in touch, and with NatWest also threatening to close a branch in Wincanton, believe me, I’ll keep pressing on this one!

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